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Bandoneón Rental Program

The first. and one of the biggest barriers to beginning to play the Bandoneón is acquiring an instrument. Its hard to know what to look for and if you do find something its hard to find the cash to buy one!

To help more people get started with the instrument I am now offering bandoneon rentals to students. The bandoneónes varry with regard to what is available but all are well maintained instruments in great playable condition. Prices also vary depending on the instrument. Write me to find out what is available now.

For aspiring students I also offer a special package price on lessons to students who are renting an instrument from me.

The fine print:
Currently Bandoneón rentals are only available in the USA. I hope to expand the prrogram overseas when it becomes a posibility.

Contact me to find out more about Bandoneon rentals:

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