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Online Bandoneón Lessons

Online lessons directly from Buenos Aires are simple to use (the Bandoneón is hard enough) and are an effective way to advance your playing. Lessons are conducted through Skype, iChat, or VSee depending on your computer and any high speed (cable or dsl) internet connection. Try the first class free! For more information on Online Lessons visit How Lessons Work.

Many adults worry about trying to learn to play the bandoneón. Contrary to popular believe, old dogs can learn new tricks.... and adults can learn to play the bandoneón very well. The fact that you are reading this shows that you are interested and that is the key. If you want to perform, or just be able to play, you can do it.

Lesson material is generally divided in 3 areas: technique, repertoire, and theory. Technique is the study of the instrument including scales, arpeggios, etudes, exercises, and Bach. Repertoire consists of songs, and arrangements for solo bandoneón. Theory is the study of how music works. By understanding the music you are playing you can learn faster, remember songs, and have more fun.

Call or email Ben directly for more information on saxophone lessons for adults:
800-923-6264 in the US
011-54-9-11-6130-3038 in Argentina


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