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Online Saxophone Lessons

Online lessons are simple to use, and are very effective way to learn saxophone. They began because my touring schedule prevented me from keeping a regular teaching schedule. Now I teach from any city in the world. For more information on Online Lessons visit How Lessons Work.

Saxophone Lessons for Adult Students

Every year adults come with the desire to learn to play saxophone. Some, played in theory grade school band and want to pick it up again. Others just want to lean to play a music instrument, or learn to play jazz and saxophone has always been calling them. Like you, they decide it is time and go for it.

Contrary to popular believe, old dogs can learn new tricks.... and adults can take saxophone lessons and learn to play saxophone very well. The fact that you are reading this shows that you are interested and that is the key. If you want to perform, or just be able to play you can do it.

In adult lessons we get to playing songs as fast as possible, usually within a couple of months for a total beginner. In the lessons you will learn to play the saxophone, read music, and about music theory. There are no mysteries in music. Don't worry you can do it

Call or email Ben directly for more information on online saxophone lessons for adults:

Saxophone Lessons For Kids

Kids need to be motivated and interested. Ben started working with kids in 1995 in the Los Angeles Unified School District. With over 10 years experience he is able to elicit interest in music from kids of all ages. Kids learn to play saxophone while having fun developing their musical skills.

Saxophone lessons can be an excellent supplement to your child's school music program or as a stand alone course of study. Either way your child will excel in music with the motivation as support central to Ben's teaching methods.

Call or email Ben directly for more information about online saxophone lessons for kids:

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